MicroBT Adds Another Authorized WhatsMiner Repair Center in Canada

MicroBT Partners with Hut8 to Set up the Authorized After-sales Repairing Center in Canada



WhatsMiner After-sales Manual for Users out of China

WhatsMiner After-sales Manual for Users out of China

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WhatsMiner Overseas After-sales Repairing Center List

About WhatsMiner warranty procedure and overseas repairing center list



Running for the Dream|MicroBT Helps to Take the Global Mining Industry to the Next Level

The 2021 New Infrastructure Blockchain Summit and the first WhatsMiner Marathon were successfully held in Chengdu, China on April 23-25. The MicroBT team invited industry runners to run for their dreams and participate in the marathon event. At the same time, the MicroBT team was also invited to attend the summit.

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The First Batch of WhatsMiner M30 Series in Stock Has Been Sold Out

The batch of WhatsMiner M30 series in stock released on March 30, at 7 pm (PST) has been sold out.

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A Batch of WhatsMiner M30 Series in Stock Will Go on Sale on March 30

WhatsMiner M30 Series has been being well received by global customers since it was first released. Thank you very much for all of your support! MicroBT will release a batch of WhatsMiner M30 series in stock on March 30, at 7 pm (PST) on its only product website www.whatsminer.com to give back to all customers.

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MicroBT: Reflections on a Year of Stunning Global Expansion Success Alongside Some of Big Mining Players

Notable among the players to support this global trend over the past year has been Shenzhen-based MicroBT, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced BTC mining equipment.

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Beware of These Fake MicroBT and WhatsMiner Accounts

Over the years, the number of fraudulent individuals and groups posing as MicroBT and WhatsMiner representatives has grown significantly. These fake accounts often deploy a number of strategies that are usually intended to steal your money or personal data.

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MicroBT Partners with Energix to Strengthen Global Customer Support

MicroBT, in partnership with Enegix LLC, has set up an authorized after-sales service center at the Enegix facility in central Kazakhstan.

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MicroBT Partners With Foundry, Strengthens Foothold in North America

New production capability in South East Asia to increase high-quality capacity and supply chain efficiencies for MicroBT’s customers in North America.

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World Mining Forum in Xiaman--WhatsMiner Defines Industry with 3X Standards to Accelerate Industry Globalization

"World Mining Forum in Xiamen" co-organized by ChainNews and Winkrypto, and co-organized by WhatsMiner (MicroBT), F2Pool and Poolin, etc. It was successfully held in Xiamen on September 18(Beijing time).

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The First Batch of 2000 WhatsMiner M30 Machines Purchased by Hut8 Was Delivered

MicroBT has delivered the first batch of 2000 pieces of WhatsMiner M31S and M31S+ purchased by Hut8.

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Blockstream Stepped into 3X Era Together with WhatsMiner

Blockstream’s purchase of WhatsMiner M30 series better illustrates that WhatsMiner is the better choice for investors in the mining industry. MicroBT will also continue to maintain close cooperation with Blockstream, and fulfill the promise of win-win in the 3X area with with the advanced product, and the concept of professional management.

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WhatsMiner’s First Show with the M30 Series at the World Industry Forum in Chengdu

Discussing about the halving and the wet season, WhatsMiner was glad to face to face with customers, share the win-win plan and look forward to the future development.



Step into 3X era with WhatsMiner

WhatsMiner launched M30S++ which can achieve 112T at 31J/T and M30S+ which can achieve 100T at 34J/T at WhatsMiner M30 Online Launch Event held on April 17 (Beijing time). WhatsMiner expanded the M30S series to three products with 3X J/T which leads the industry into the 3X era.



Welcome to Join the Online Global WhatsMiner M30 Launch Event

WhatsMiner will launch the global M30 Launch Event online at 10:30pm on April 16th, 2020 (EDT or GMT-4:00).



WhatsMiner Donated Two Million RMB to Support the Prevention of the Epidemic for the First Batch

The coronavirus outbreak has paid the worldwide people’s attention, and WhatsMiner would like to make some contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic at this serious period.

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WhatsMiner M20 Series Won Annual Hardware Award in the New Era Mining Industry Summit

The New Era Industry Summit was held in Chengdu, China from September 21st to 23rd Beijing time. WhatsMiner won the “Annual Hardware Award" and the founder Dr. Yang Zuoxing won the “Annual Person Award”.

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WhatsMiner Landed in Russia, Another Stop for the Global Tour

On the afternoon of August 24th, Moscow time, WhatsMiner attended the Crypto Mining 2019 global tour for the Russia stop which was held in the Moscow.



WhatsMiner Shined on the Stage of Mining Disrupt Conference

WhatsMiner Shined on the Stage of Mining Disrupt Conference: WhatsMiner M20S Continues to Lead the Crypto Mining Industry



WhatsMiner M20 Release Conference Was Held Ceremoniously

Dr.Yang Zuoxing said the reason why WhatsMiner had high cost performance ratio was inseparable from the following key points. First of all, MicroBT is the pioneer and leader of the full custom methodology, we always pursued the extreme in technology.



Please be Careful of these Scam Websites

Recently, some anonymous parties plagiarized our information to list on the following pirated websites microbt.company.com, microbtchina.com, microbtgroup.com, microbtwhatsminerd1.com, and microbtmining.com and claimed themselves as the legal owner of relevant information and products.



New Generation WhatsMiner M20 Series Released

Today, 7 months later after M10 launch , MicroBT released its new generation M20 Series SHA256 Server and published live testing video of two modules. From the test videos, M20S shows 68T Hash/s with power efficiency at 48.45W/T, while M21 shows 30.5T Hash/s with power efficiency at 58.75W/T. It is really amazing!!



WhatsMiner D1 is coming! 44T,50W/T, it can be another extreme

Beyond the Dream ,Success is visible



WhatsMiner D1 accepting reservations

As our vice general manager Mr. Zhang said on 14th,Oct.,2018 Chengdu submit meeting,our belief is Success is visible,never break a promise,now we did it!



Winter for mining is coming,how to resist cold--to block chain practitioners in cold winter

Some of them have published insights on mining machines, market futures, and winter survival focusing on the theme of “chip industry, heart consensus, new finance, and salary opportunities”.