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The First Batch of WhatsMiner M30 Series in Stock Has Been Sold Out

WhatsMiner Marketing


The batch of WhatsMiner M30 series in stock released on March 30, at 7 pm (PST) has been sold out.


This batch includes WhatsMiner M30S+ with hash rate 100T and power ratio 34J/T, WhatsMiner M30S with hash rate 88T and power ratio 38J/T, WhatsMiner M31S+ with hash rate 80T and power ratio 42J/T, and WhatsMiner M31S with hash rate 74T and power ratio 46J/T will be shipped from Hong Kong (EXW Hong Kong) within one week after receiving the full payment. 


Focusing on offering the competitive and quality mining rig to global customers,  MicroBT will always adhere to perfection, win-win, and integrity, and is willing to grow together with customers and contribute to the development of the industry. MicroBT really appreciates your support and will continue to release a small batch of WhatsMiner mining rigs in stock on www.whatsminer.com regularly.


Please stay tuned to the official website www.whatsminer.com and Twitter for updates. And also, MicroBT is looking forward to your valuable feedback(Marketing@microbt.com).